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Prioritizing theory and fundamentals

The traditional understanding of music theory is one of memorized scales to a loud metronome. B&B Music School sees fundamentals as tools to further our creativity.

Music is a language, colors, shapes, math; a puzzle, a map, therapy; a story. Theory enhances our brains, improves grades and learning capabilities, and lends a greater appreciation for the music we already love. Soon you’ll be able to hear the natural music around you; in nature, in the city, on the radio, at home, in our communities.

Music theory is for everyone and we all connect the dots in our own way.


Perform music from Beethoven to Beyoncé

Our favorite music sparks our interests and inspires us to practice our instruments. We are more motivated to engage in something we enjoy; plus music is fun!

B&B Music School values all types of music; classical, jazz, pop, rock, r&b, rap, electronic, instrumental, and avant-garde. We hope to expand our students interests while helping them connect with the music they love.

Musicians have been teaching each other from the beginning, and some of the best education is through experience. We put together opportunities for students to collaborate and perform with each other.


Write and arrange your own compositions and songs

At B&B Music School, we focus on creating space that allows students to express themselves while nurturing and guiding their process. Mentorship is huge benefit to the creative process and to raising new artists.

Music is expression and we all have our own relationship with it. Throughout all the learning and performing we highly encourage students to create their own music, no matter age or skill level. We are inherently artistic and there is no right or wrong time to start creating.

Learn. Play. Create.

providing with a purpose…

B&B is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) music studio that focuses on creativity as a means of community healing. We prioritize the leadership and representation of Black and Indigenous LGBTQIA+ women artists, educators, and organizers. The purpose of Brain and Body Music Studio is to cultivate community healing through accessible arts events and education. Music, and other creative endeavors, activate both the left and right sides of the brain and communicate to the body an action or reaction. These benefits are only heightened and long lasting through formal education. B&B intends to provide opportunities where people can engage in their full human experience, completely focus their attention, and heal themselves through endorphin based neuroplasticity and exercise.

Contact Us

Call us at 714.430.4875

Located at 260 N Tustin St Ste C Orange, CA 92867

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